A Modern, Sophisticated Interior Design in Miami

According to Diego Rincon of Diego Alejandro Design, he created this master bedroom suite for the CEO and Creative Director of an advertising agency in Manhattan. He was looking for an interior design that maintained the modern, sophisticated feel he appreciates in New York interiors, yet also captured the more relaxed, easy-going energy he found in Miami. For Rincon, this gentleman represented the ideal client. “He purchased the space as a new construction,” Rincon told us, “and asked not that only that I design the interior, including all furnishing and artwork, but also had me select everything else from linens to tableware. That way he could simply arrive and immediately shift into a relaxation mode.”

To accentuate the openness, he selected a super-extra white paint for most of the walls along with white linen sheers for the 2-story windows. “That way, nothing distracts the eye from the freshness and light-filled openness,” Rincon says, “It was important for me to select the correct whites so they don’t clash with each other.”

In a brilliant touch, Rincon installed a vibrant, emerald green silk wallpaper from Manhattan in New York. “To me”, said the designer, “the emerald evokes the green waters of La Ciénaga in Santa Marta, Colombia where the black and white Leo Matiz photograph Pavo Real del Mar hanging over the bed was taken more than 60 years ago.”